PROJECT INSIGHT: 2018 Palmer Sculpture – Complete & Installed!

Last weekend was a big one for me. After some very careful packing and planning, my beautiful wife and I made what is now our regular pilgrimage to Palmer to install my sculpture ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone’. Please see my previous post for some insight into the piece concept and making process.

Though at times uncomfortable, it was rather fitting to be unveiling this piece on a typical scorching day for South Australia in March, at the Palmer site where shade is almost non-existent.

Here are some pics of the install process and the completed sculpture. I’m feeling quite proud. What a great opportunity to participate in an event such as this. The calibre of the work featured is of the highest standard, thought provoking and beautiful. and I’d highly recommend heading there for a visit to take it all in. Biggest thanks to all the artists, organisers and of course sculptor Greg Johns, the site owner and driving force behind the Palmer Project.

The Palmer Sculpture Biennial was opened on Sunday the 17th March and will be open weekends and Wednesday afternoons until the 8th April. Find out more here on the Palmer website.